Pam McGarry
Business Administrator 

Kirk Kundrick
Facilities/Maintenance Manager

Rick Howland
Facilities Charge Operator

The facility staff works hard to maintain our drinking water and wastewater systems and the eleven miles of roads within MeadowCreek, as you'll note in the descriptions below.

Winter - The subdivision of MeadowCreek maintains a road system consisting of approximately 11 miles of paved roads. If we get a snowfall of 3" or more, keep and eye out for the guys and give them a wave! Our Caterpillar 928H front-end loader does a great job of removing snow with the help of our Ford F700 dump truck with sander and Boss 10' commercial plow blade. The MCPOA snow removal policy will always be posted on this site, make sure to check it out!

Spring and Summer - Over the course of spring and summer you'll see POA staff applying more gravel to the road sides, applying weed abatement materials and cleaning out culverts.

For a subdivision of our size, we operate and manage a sophisticated wastewater treatment system. The POA maintains a six-lagoon treatment complex including a 37 acre land application field with a yearly hay crop. Wastewater is managed and maintained in accordance with strict DEQ regulations including the provision of a yearly land application report.

Our drinking water source is from two wells each over 500' deep with water quality that requires only a minimum of chlorine treatment. Drinking water is managed and maintained in accordance with strict DEQ regulations including weekly water chlorination tests, monthly water quality tests and the provision of an annual water quality report.

Utilities are billed quarterly. Homeowners are charged a $127.50 per quarter base fee for sewer and water service. Water consumption is billed at $1.20 per thousand gallons metered up to 30,000 gallons. Water delivery of 31,000 gallons or more will be billed at $2.40 per thousand gallons. Water meters are read on the last business day of each quarter (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) and the invoices reflecting the quarter's water use are created on the same day. Water invoices are due on the 15th of the month following the billing quarter.